Dimboola and District Historical Society Inc.

The Dimboola and District Historical Society was established in 1967 and is housed in the Old Dimboola Courthouse, now located next to the Post Office in Lloyd Street. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each second month, with another activity taking place in each other month.

Our archives are vast and include records and information from sources such as the Council Rate books, every edition of the Dimboola Banner, Photographic collections and compiled writings.

The society aims to:
Dotcollect, record and preserve items of historical interest pertaining to Dimboola and district.
Dotassist other concurring individuals and organisations in the preservation of the community's history.
Dotfoster and encourage community interest and pride in their district's history.

Activities We Organise...

Dot The society regularly changes its displays so that, where possible, they are related to community events or celebrations.
Dot When appropriate, the society holds exhibitions, seminars or other activities of historical interest to the community, and makes its facilities available to organisations planning reunions.
Dot The society undertakes research requests for people outside the local community, particularly genealogical queries.
Dot The society produces a monthly newsletter for its members and subscribers along with other publications.
Dot The society is assisting other community organisations in the collection and preservation of their history.
Dot The society is actively liaising with the local schools in encouraging student interest in their local history.
Dot The society organises and conducts the Dimboola reunion every second year. The last being our very successful third reunion.
Dot The society has been actively involved in the drafting of Ebenezer Mission Management Plan.
Dot The society was actively involved with the archaeological survey conducted at the mission station by Doctor Jane Lydon, a member of the society.

Old Courthouse | 67 Lloyd Street, Dimboola, Victoria, 3414

Dimboola Print Musem | 27 Lochiel Street, Dimboola, Victoria, 3414

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