Dimboola and District Historical Society is located in the Old Courthouse in Lloyd St.The Dimboola Banner office.


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The following publications are available for sale at D&DHS. Please email or phone for enquiries.

The Bell Sounds Pleasantly
Author- Susan Robinson

Cost - $10
The story of the Aboriginal Mission "Ebenezer"
at Antwerp Victoria 1859-1902
Dimboola Days
Artist - Lesley [Bim] Reid

Cost - $8.00
A sketch book of Dimboola buildings and places
with brief history by local artist Lesley Reid
The Village Settlement
Author - Jean Clarke

Cost - $10
A tribute to the pioneering families who took up
small acreage in the Dimboola - Wail area
Gallipoli Heroes Published
Author - Graeme Massey

Cost $25.00
A tribute to the men from Western Victoria who
gave their lives for their country at Gallipoli
Commemorative Outlook
Author - 75th Reunion Committee

Cost - $15.00
Celebrating 75 years of the Dimboola Memorial
Secondary College 1924-1999
Dimboola East State School No 2735
Author - Reunion Committee

Cost - $12.00
A history of the school between 1886-1943
D&DHS produced Yearly Calendars

Cost $8.00.
Featuring sketches by Bim Reid from the
D&DHS photographic archive
Back issues of Calendars

Cost $5.00
As above
D&DHS Monthly Newsletters

Cost - $12 each
Bound in 12 monthly editions and featuring lots
of local information, meeting updates.
History related stories, 50, 75 and 100 years ago.
History of Dimboola And District.
News items sourced from the Dimboola Banner
8 issues 1996-2004

Cost - $0.75 each
Postcards with envelopes depicting scenes and
history of Dimboola as sketched by Bim Reid.



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