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Situated on the Wimmera River in the State of Victoria,
the town of Dimboola was previously known as 'Nine Creeks'.

Following a survey conducted in late 1862 by contractor
Frederick Smith of Ararat, a plan for a township in the
County of Dimboola was proposed. It was first recognised
as being a township when mentioned in the April 1863
edition of the 'Government Gazette".

Early Dimboola Map
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Before the arrival of white men into the district, the Aborigines
called the area Watchegatcheca which had the meaning
'Wattle Tree and White Cockatoos'.

The name 'Dimboola' has generally been accepted to have
come from the Ceylonese ~Dimbula meaning 'Land of Figs'.
This name came from the District Surveyor of the time
John George Winchester Wilmot, who had previously lived in
Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). The relationship of the name to this
area is suggested to have come from 'Upper Regions Station'
where an ubundance of fruit trees grew in the garden, many of
which were Figs.

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